© Summerschool Den Haag | Picture by: Joris-Jan Bos

Students coming to Summerschool
, keep cool, bring Water and Fruit! Make sure you drink water while you’re doing class.
Another great way to help re-hydrate is to eat a piece of fruit, apple or watermelon, carrots, cucumber
 or celery sticks. If the weather is hot, we will give you time to take a bite of fruit after the barre. Please do not bring
 Sports Drinks, they are very high in sugar. If you need sugar, brink a dextrose (druivensuiker) candy.

Summerschool Den Haag | Ebba de RegtA summer of Dance for Amateurs & Professionals

12 July till 17 August 2016

Summerschool Den Haag is open for amateurs and professionals and offers a variety of classes for dancers and students of all levels, including beginners-ballet for young-adults and a personal schedule for higly motivated youngsters. Summerschool Den Haag is one of the few schools primarily focused and specialised in classical ballet. Additionally there are Dance Workshops, Pointe Repertoire, Choreography Specials and Coaching.

Of je nu op een amateurschool zit of op een opleiding , iedereen die van dans houdt kan bij Summerschool Den Haag komen trainen. De studio is gespecialiseerd in de klassieke techniek. Er zijn balletlessen op verschillende niveau's o.a. Step By Step Basic Ballet voor studenten die nooit eerder ballet hebben gedaan, daarnaast zijn er workshops met gastdocenten uit binnen- en buitenland, spitzenlessen en choreografie workshops.

I just found out today about Summerschool Den Haag, can I still enroll for some classes? 
Kan ik nog meedoen met Summerschool Den Haag?