Power & Strength for Dancers. Studio Class

Power & Strength for Dancers. Studio Class

Studio Class
Coaching Special
Limited to 3 participants only

Thursday 2 August 2020

Location: Studio Toussaintkade 20, The Hague

Pre-Professional / Professional
1-day (1x 50 min.)

Studio Class.
Location: Toussaintkade 20, The Hague

Working on Power & Strength for Dancers.
Intensive 50 minutes coaching.

Power & Strength for Dancers
Dancer: Daniel Erchov Zayas

Positive challenge for personal development. Normally coaching takes place as a private session (one on one). During Summerschool Den Haag we are happy to make this more accessible by presenting it for a group of 3 participants. Coaching Specials are suitable for students with a professional background only. You are welcome to contact the school to ask if you qualify for coaching.

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