Fast Forward 60min.
Additional ballet training

Fast Forward 60min.

Stamina Barre

Fast Forward class includes a short part for the abs or legs with optional *Power Add-On followed by a mini Cardio training for dancers and a Stamina Barre. This high speed barre non stop is especially for toning and shaping thin thighs, developing speed, power and high(er) legs.


The stamina barre is followed by centre work and pointe technique. Special care for advanced Pointe technique and preparation for repertoire. Students that prefer not to work with pointeshoes, may strengthen feet by doing this section on regular balletshoes. 


The last part of the Fast Forward class is about mindfulness and relaxation. This includes a Stretch Programme for flexibility improvement or a mini meditation for dancers focus on breathing and relaxation. 

Small light ankle weights are occasionally used for a controlled mini workout on the floor. It adds a constant but comfortable restistance. Ankle weights are suitable for adults and students age 14 and older. The use of ankle weights is optional.

FOR VIRTUAL STUDENTS If you are following the F.F. class online you can order Ankle Weights on or
The maximum weight that is allowed is 0,5 kg. Heavier weights are not suitable.

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16:52 Notifier Summerschool Den Haag
Notifier Summerschool Den Haag
aug 15 2022 @ 16:52 – mrt 17 2023 @ 17:52
Notifier Summerschool Den Haag
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Christmas Ballet Open Classes
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Pre Sale Coaching House
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