Summerschool Den Haag – City Centre of The Hague

Established in 2002, Summerschool Den Haag enjoys a reputation for quality teaching and a friendly international atmosphere. We are located in the city centre of The Hague in the Netherlands.

This is the place where students are getting noticed. With the focus on quality rather than quantity, small classes and professional teachers, Summerschool Den Haag is one of Holland’s most appreciated schools for the personal touch in dance training.

Artistic director: Mirella Simoncini

Summerschool Den Haag open for all students who love to dance. As well as young-adults and highly motivated youngsters.

You will find enjoyable workshops for students with no dance experience at all as well as repertory workshops by prominent dancers and rehearsal directors.

Each year Summerschool Den Haag offers a fresh inspiring programme joining forces with appreciated personalities in the international ballet scene

Class with Mirella Simoncini

Summerschool Den Haag has the possibility of creating an individual schedule for each student and a telephone number to request a personal advise.

Summerschool Den Haag 2020

Pre Sale for Summerschool Den Haag 2020 is not yet available.
Stay tuned.