Junior I Online

Junior I Online

Ballet summer special for children.
Small group notice limited amount of participants
DATE: 22 July, 29 July & 5 Aug.
LEVEL: Junior Ballet I from age 6 and up
Duration: 50 minutes

Little Dancers

Ballet summer special online for children. Intensive 50 minutes ballet training for motivated children from age 6 and older. Inspiration, pleasure and personal corrections for little dancers. Children will receive special care for basic ballet techniques, confidence and creativity.

This class can be followed once or as a mini intensive two or three times.
If you apply for the first time for this class the school might contact you by phone to receive more information.

Rules and Respect Online Ballet
We are asking you to work with us to make Online Ballet possible for the children. You can help by leaving the room when your child has Online Ballet and make the background as silent as possible. Switch of TV, radio.
In this way your child will be able to enjoy our dance moment as much as possible and we will be able to give attention and energy to your child.

Do not make recordings or pictures when your child is following class this is very distracting.

Summerschool Den Haag might remove you from online class if parents or other people are in the room causing distraction for the other participants as this is visible for everybody in class.

Summerschool Den Haag 2020

Pre Sale for Summerschool Den Haag 2020 is now! Apply or call for information: 0638551500

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