The Dying Swan

The Dying Swan

Repertoire for (young) adults
With: Mirella Simoncini

DATE 5 Aug. 2023
LEVEL: Intermediate
1-day (1x 90 min.)

Romantic repertoire

A Summerschool workshop about the beauty of life and the famous choreography The Dying Swan created in 1905 for Anna Pavlova.

The Dying Swan became famous because of its meaning and Anna Pavlova’s ability to put it across to the audience. This dance follows the last moments in the life of a swan however it’s not about a woman impersonating a bird, it’s about the fragility of life and the passion with which we hold on to it.
Anna Pavlova danced The Dying Swan until the day she passed away. 
She died during a tour in the Netherlands while staying at Hotel Des Indes in The Hague, where you can still find the Anna Pavlova Library in her memory.

The Dying Swan – 1905. St. Petersburg, Russia
Choreography: Mikhail Fokine
Music: Le Cygne – The Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns

Mirella is known for making famous romantic repertoire accessible for the intermediate (non-professional) ballet student.

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