General Policy

Read our policy before making payment. By making your payment you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set in this policy under Dutch law. If you do not agree with our policy do not registrate. Registration is only possible after we have received your request. It is not possible to make a payment online I.e. long-distance sales and purchases not available.

COVID-19 Security Measures
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Students wanting to take balletclasses, workshops, pointe technique or any other activities may do so at their own risk. Responsibility for allowing children to take balletclasses, workshops, pointe technique or any other activities lies with the parents or guardian. Studio Simoncini is not responsible or liable for any damage, accident or injury as a result of participation in classes or entering the building.

Students may not enter class late. We recommend to be in our studio at least 10 minutes prior to the start of your class.

DRESS CODE mandatory
GENERAL Clothes and shoes are clean and frays and holes must be mended. Ballet Slippers must be worn for all classes. Do not wear long sloppy pants, baggy shirts, skirts, leg- or ankle warmers or jewelry (especially watches and necklaces could cause injury to others). Bring a towel to all classes.
GIRLS Ballet Slippers, Pink leg tights with feet and leotard, the hair is pulled back from the face and tied up in a bun with hair-pins and a hair net.
BOYS Ballet Slippers, a black or white tight T-shirt and shorts or ballettights, a dance belt is mandatory.
Footless black tights and leotard. Ballet Slippers or bare feet (no socks) the hair must be pulled away from the face in a bun. 

Treat the school and its contents with respect. Keep Toilet and Shower clean. After use, turn off the lights. 

It is the policy of Summerschool Den Haag / Studio Simoncini that all tuition and other fees paid shall not be refunded at any time, regardless of the time or reason of cancellation.
Making a change in a reservation is not possible.
Sometimes the school might make an exception (if time permits) and will ty to reschedule a reservation. The administration costs for re-scheduling a reservation are per class: € 5

Students, Parents or visitors are not permitted to take photographs of, or film, their children, other students or teachers during classes online or in the studio.

The use of cameras, filming equipment or mobile phones is not allowed in toilets or dressingroom. Mobile phones must be switched off when entering the dressingroom.

The school might take pictures or videos during class for publicity purposes.
With your registration you give permission for the use of visual material by Studio Simoncini.
If you don’t agree with this you can let us know by mail:

All rights reserved Summerschool Den Haag | Studio Simoncini. Subject to change.

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