Coaching House

Coaching House

With pleasure you are invited to the Coaching House of Summerschool Den Haag. You can choose just 1 coaching session or a number of coachings up to 15 sessions.
Coaching is an innovative teaching method suitable for students, dancers and pre-professionals. Especially to support you in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance at your own level and speed. 
Coaching House Pre Sale is now

Accessible in two ways

Private Training in the school. Have a look at Studio Coaching here…

Our Virtual Studio will connect with you anywhere in the world more…

Mirella Simoncini and dance students: Quirine Michielsen & Myrthe Jenniskens

Also available:
Private training working on a classical variation. For Summerschool Den Haag 2023 you can choose from Don Quixote Kitri Variation and Giselle Variation Act I

A coaching session is 50 minutes one-on-one. To make the most of your talents and uncover and understand your strengths and weaknesses, we will be working on technique as well as personal development.

Technique Analyser – Personality Insight

“Coaching is a wonderful gift for students with a desire for more and for people that simply love ballet and are motivated to learn a lot in a short amount of time. 
It can be helpful for students with insecurity or after an injury but also with giftedness or when preparing an audition.
Coaching is quite intense, I analyse technique and personality, looking at the whole picture, making an estimation of the capabilities that are already present but not yet awake.”

– Mirella Simoncini 

Apply here for Coaching. You are welcome to contact the school for information call: 0638551500
Students with upcoming auditions or exams should make their reservations early to avoid disappointment.
Price information

Currently happening

12:00 5th term Studio Simoncini
5th term Studio Simoncini
mei 1 @ 12:00 – jul 14 @ 12:00
5th term Studio Simoncini
Studio Simoncini 5th term Find out more: Studio Simoncini
17:23 Classes with a.o. J. Ryan Carroll
Classes with a.o. J. Ryan Carroll
jul 24 @ 17:23 – jul 30 @ 18:23
Classes with a.o. J. Ryan Carroll
20:00 Fast Forward Ballet Monday / Friday
Fast Forward Ballet Monday / Friday
jul 24 @ 20:00 – aug 11 @ 14:15
Fast Forward Ballet Monday / Friday
Stamina Barre Fast Forward class is a 60 minutes additional ballet-training. It includes a Stamina Barre with strength exercises, this high speed barre non stop is especially for toning and shaping thin thighs, developing speed,[...]
11:30 Trialclass requests Studio Simon...
Trialclass requests Studio Simon...
aug 1 @ 11:30 – aug 22 @ 11:45
Trialclass requests Studio Simoncini
Contact the school for information about the new season: 0638551500 Studio Simoncini is a well known international Ballet school in the Dutch city The Hague. The schedule offers a wide variety in classical training for[...]