Awards 2020

Awards 2020

The Encouragement Award 2020 was handed out to Warre Krol at the Royal Conservatoire and a scholarship went to Hera Stragier at Coda Ballet Competition.

Hera Stragier – Pirouette in Wevelgem, Belgium

Hera was awared with a scholarship for Summerschool Den Haag 2020 at the Coda Ballet Competition in Belgium.
Coda is a nationally and internationally oriented organization that wants to offer a platform for the classical dancer to be able to develop. More…

Warre Krol – Royal Conservatoire The Hague

Warre received the Summerschool Den Haag Encouragement Award 2020.
The award was handed out by Mirella Simoncini in the garden of the Royal Conservatoire. Warre’s teacher Mariëtte Redel spoke beautiful words.
Students of the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague are studying in an inspiring environment where they are taught by leading international musicians and dancers. More…

The Encouragement Award for Summerschool Den Haag was initiated in 2013. The Award has been handed out by several special guests including dance legend Gerard Lemaître and choreographer Medhi Walerski. More…

Aankomende activiteiten

08:00 Pre Sale Summerschool Den Haag 2022
Pre Sale Summerschool Den Haag 2022
apr 5 @ 08:00 – jul 25 @ 09:00
Pre Sale Summerschool Den Haag 2022
Pre Sale Summerschool Den Haag 2022
12:00 5th term Studio Simoncini
5th term Studio Simoncini
mei 1 @ 12:00 – jul 14 @ 12:00
5th term Studio Simoncini
Studio Simoncini 5th term Find out more: Studio Simoncini